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RTW Packing Guide: Travel Accessories

Packing for a Round the World Trip is no easy task but in this guide I hope to make your life a little easier.

You could genuinely spend all your savings on the latest gadgets, lightweight this and that and end up packing the kitchen sink. But then you risk the chance of breaking your back!

This is a streamlined packing guide for the travel accessories I believe will be useful on your Round the World Trip.

I will review this in 3-4 months time and let you know what I would strike off the list.

So I will work through the below Pinterest image from Left to Right.

Travel Access

I have used affiliate links throughout this blog.  If your purchase anything through these links, I get paid with no cost to yourselves. This will help chloegoesthedistance keep running for you all.

Microfibre Towel

I chose the Mountain Warehouse Microfibre Travel Towel (Antibacterial) in Purple and my friend kindly bought me a Yellowstone Large Microfibre Towel in Green. I’m taking both one for my body and one for my hair. They are compact, lightweight and super absorbent!


My brother kindly bought me a handful of Carabiner that will be so useful in clipping anything and everything to our rucksack.

Money Belt

The mister kindly bought me this Money Belt to keep my valuables (money, phone, passport etc) safe and out of sight. You wear this underneath your clothes so no-one knows your wearing it, reducing the likelihood of theft.

Sleep Liner

We have been warned that some hostel beds aren’t the best so we have bought a Lifeventure Rectangular Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner. The Ex3 treated means that you’re protected against build up of bacteria, barrier against bed bugs as well as containing mosquito repellent.

Face Towel

My last towel is this little Mountain Warehouse Face Towel that folds up into a tiny bag with a carabiner attached. This can be used as a sweat towel, hand towel or face towel. Handy to have accessible, perhaps in your day bag.

Combination Locks

We have bought TSA approved combination locks for both our main luggage and rucksack. For those who have no idea what TSA, it means Transportation Security Administration. If security wants to check your bag they will just cut the lock unless it is a TSA lock. A combination lock is also useful for lockers on hostels too.

Collapsible Mug

I love collapsible Tupperware and I’m sure the Sea to Summit X-Mug, Lime my parents bought me will come in handy. I’m tempted to get more collapsible Tupperware, so will report back if I do.

Sink Plug

This was another fun little Christmas gift we received. The Universal Sink Plug will make it possible to clean our clothes, wash our face or have a bath. Apparently plugs are usually missing so this little cheap plug is worthwhile getting.

Packing Cubes

These are one of my favourite buys that have made life so much easier when packing. I have bought a 7 Piece Set of Packing Cubes. The large one I have packed with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses. The medium one I have packed with t-shirts, vests and shirts. The smaller cube stores all underwear and bikinis. There are two zip lock bags that are keeping all tech, accessories and wires organised. There is a travel wash bag and a bag I have used as a medical kit. Your rucksack will be so organised and easy to find what you want with packing cubes!

The Rucksack

Properly the most important buy! We originally was going to purchase the Osprey Fairpoint Rucksack. However, we found a much cheaper option with the Vango Freedom 60+20 Rucksack. Your day rucksack can attach to the main luggage and it has endless features including really comfy hip supports. Were really happy with our purchase and our full review will come after we have had more use out of it.


I have this super cute Owl Card Purse to store all my cards and ID’s in a save place.



You will want to make a note of things on your travels and putting good old pen to paper… you can’t beat it. We have been given 2 mini notebooks that we are going to log our expenditure and the Mister has a larger one as a travel journal.

Washing line

To make our lives a little easier we have a Solotrekk Washing Line that I hope we get some good use out off, even if this is for added privacy in the Dorm Rooms!

Water Filtration Bottle

Something that I have been really concerned about has been filtering water. There are so many filtration straws out there but they genuinely cost the earth! After a lot of researching I have chosen the Water-to-Go Bottle. It kills 99.9% of nasties and is BPA free. We also have a Summit Flat Water bottle that clips onto our rucksack as an extra!

Water Filtration Filter

Each Water To Go Filter lasts approximately 2 months so we are covered for first 4 months and will be able to order again on our travels if it we like it. You can buy these as a combo to save a few pennies.

Use my Unique Discount Code for 15% off: CHLOE15


Travel Pillow

The mister knows me very well and knows I need a goodnights sleep or I get cranky! He bought me and Inflatable Travel Pillow and I have already tried and tested it and it’s so comfy! I have always been jealous of people who have these on plane, coach and train journeys and now I have my own.


I was a tad concerned about the cleanliness or lack of cutlery where we may be staying so were covered with the Lifeventure Ellipse Knife, Fork & Spoon Set. Also makes it easier when eating pack up and left-overs on the road.

Head Torch

I have been tempted to buy so many different variations of torches for the last month but I feel one Head Torch each will be enough!

World Plug Adapter

As we are doing a worldwide trip we have bought this BESTEK Worldwide Travel Adaptor. I’m pretty impressed with how sturdy it is and this will be another thing I will review after we have used it in multiple locations.



We bought many of our items from Amazon. However, we kept a close eye on eBay and managed to pick up some absolute bargains. Both our rucksacks were bought second hand off eBay saving us lots of money!

Go the Distance



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