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Top 5 Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

The first part of our Round the World adventure took us to Brazil, starting in Rio de Janeiro. We knew we were throwing ourselves in the deep end starting with South America and a Portuguese speaking country, but we have loved our experiences so far! We spent 5 nights in two area of Rio; Copacabana… Continue reading Top 5 Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

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Rio Forest Hostel Review

This is the hostel I have been looking forward to staying in the most and it didn't disappoint. We moved here on Day 3 in Rio de Janeiro and came from the Copacabana area up to Santa Theresa in order to move closer to Central Rio. Click image above to visit my Pinterest Travel Board… Continue reading Rio Forest Hostel Review

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Do you care what other people think?

Do you care what other people think? I have honestly spent my life thinking this way! Unfortunately, when I think about what people think of me I always think quite negatively. Goofy. Ugly. Skinny. Boring. Serious. Plain... the list could go on I wasn't until recently on a Business Branding Training that I realised I… Continue reading Do you care what other people think?


The Top 8 Saving Tips for Round the World Travel

Saving has never been my strong suit, mainly because I have always thought I don’t earn enough to even save and my spare money usually got spent on gifts for other people! So when we made the decision we were going travelling, we asked for advise on budgeting. STA recommended budgeting for £1000 a month each on… Continue reading The Top 8 Saving Tips for Round the World Travel

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A Guide to Round the World Travel Vaccinations

For a person who has a phobia of needles (well a phobia of passing out because of the needles), planning the travel vaccinations we needed for our Round the World trip gave me nightmares! As I knew there was no way of getting out of it, I threw myself into researching everything that we needed… Continue reading A Guide to Round the World Travel Vaccinations

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Planning: Peru on a Shoestring

Something we have talked about for over a year now, is soon to become a reality. Up until Christmas the focus had been on saving, saving and guess what more saving! But then we stepped in STA travel last month to make some decisions. With the help of Jack at STA Travel Manchester and his… Continue reading Planning: Peru on a Shoestring

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Embrace the Lagom Lifestyle: The Basics

I first heard the term Lagom in a focus group on Compassionate Focused Therapy (CFT)  three months after our course. A colleague sat in the room with a completely different presence. She seemed bright, wide-eyed and with an overall feeling of happiness. After a brief conversation she said that following the CFT group she has… Continue reading Embrace the Lagom Lifestyle: The Basics