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Feilding: Live like the Locals

While planning your Round the World trip of a lifetime, you will often have people say 'I have a friend who lives in Auckland, or an Auntie near Wellington, or a father in Dunedin! Some people would say 'That's nice', where we say 'Do you think they would host us?' Staying with locals is in… Continue reading Feilding: Live like the Locals

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Rotorua: Why Visit the Smelliest Town in New Zealand

Kia Ora! You may have heard that Rotorua is a smelly town but don't let this put you off. I remember getting off the coach journey and thinking 'Duncan was that you!!' but no the eggy smell is only due to the geothermal pools that give off sulphur. Click image above to visit my Travel… Continue reading Rotorua: Why Visit the Smelliest Town in New Zealand

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8 Things to Do in Auckland

We flew into Auckland from Los Angeles, in mid-September (2018) and instantly noticed the fresh air of what seemed like home. Our flight times worked out that we were able to have a good nights sleep with minimal chance of jet lag. All we had to manage was staying awake from 6am (which was 10am… Continue reading 8 Things to Do in Auckland