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Cabo Polonio: The Rustic Coastal Village

We all have those days where nothing seems to go right. Well our trip to Cabo Polonio definitely started off on the wrong foot. Duncan thought he was all well prepared by getting enough cash out for our visit to the town with no electricity. That was great, until I went and spent a bunch of pesos on the hostel stay in Punta del Este.

At that point, we thought we didn’t have much to worry about because surely San Carlos would have an ATM. They had banks but no ATMs. Poor Duncan ran around the town like a mad man while I manned the bags wondering where he had disappeared too! In his mad rush, we realised later that he must have dropped my bank card! Duncan was convinced he had given it to me, so I endured the strip search until he realised he didn’t give it me!

The Rustic Coastal Village Cabo Polonio.png

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Cabo Polonio cannot be accessed by cars or buses so the two options are walk for 2 hours or get the sand buggy. I was dreading the 2 hour walk we may of had to do with our 80L of luggage but fortunately the sand buggy was a return ticket and we had enough money! The sand buggy was an experience to say the least. I can imagine that on a summers day this would be quite a fun ride but in the wet and windy weather, I wasn’t too happy! We were concerned about our luggage and electrical.

As we arrived at our hostel we saw a big group of lads outside with the hostess inside clearly not letting them in. We had no idea what was going on but she once we told her our names she happily let us in. Turns out the lads wanted to stay in the popular colourful roofed hostel but didn’t have a reservation. Our frowns quickly turned upside down when we were offered a cup of coffee in front of a stove fire, in the cosiest place I have ever stayed. We had a wonderful one night stay at Viejo Lobo Hostel. Our highlight was cooking an epic soup for all guests that evening.

Viejo Lobo Hostel

Basic but Beautiful sums up Cabo Polonio. It is a rustic coastal village hat sits on the tip of a peninsula to the Atlantic Ocean. In 2009, the region was declared a National Park under the protection of Uruguay’s SNAP program.

beach cabo polonia

There are no roads, no vehicles, no electricity or pipelines in Cabo Polonio. It does however have a complete charm about the place with rancho hostels, beaches, lighthouse, solar power and an array of animals.

Lighthouse Cabo Polonia

The main reason we headed to Cabo Polonio was to see the sea lions! The next day we completed our mission when we found them just around the corner from our hostel. This in all honesty wasn’t too difficult as you definitely hear them before you see them. Plus, Cabo has the largest sea lion colony in the whole of South America.

Sea lions cabo polonia

We visited Cabo Polonio after Punta del Este an returned there for one more night before heading onwards to the Capital, Montevideo. I highly recommend adding Cabo Polonio to your itinerary for a one of a kind experience.

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