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15 Affirmations for Travellers

While travelling, your buttons will be pushed! Some days may feel like nothing has gone right or to plan. You will be thrown into more stressful situations than you thought and may be wondering… I thought this was meant to be fun!

One day, I managed to spend all the cash on the hostel before leaving to an island with no cash points, the mister then lost the bank card, we were wet through from the rain and we felt miserable.

Firstly, it’s okay to have ‘bad days’. After all, how would you recognise good days without the bad ? But, if the mister had argued with me about spending the cash, then I got my own back about losing my card, this situation could have gone from bad to worse. We were still a united front, so when we finally arrived at our hostel and the fire was on and coffee was served… we cuddled and realised how proud of ourselves we were for getting through the day. I doubt we would have appreciated the cosy surroundings without the previous drama.


In my mind there are two ways to look at a situation; a positive way and a negative way. It is easy to focus on the negative when things are going wrong, but how about searching for a positive? For example, ‘For flip sake, we have taken the wrong turn again’. This could be turned on it’s head to ‘We have taken the wrong way, but lets see what’s up there’. You may stumble across the most magnificent place by taking that wrong turn, it may not be so bad after all.

For the pessimists out there this way of thinking may be quite difficult. That doesn’t mean you can’t work on it. Practising talking to yourself positively will train your subconscious mind to have more positive thoughts which will led to more optimism. This reprogramming will take time but can be implemented into your morning and evening routines.

Affirmations are simple statements that can inspire us to be better, remind us how great we are and help us focus on what we want out of life. They promote positive changes in your life, simply by talking to yourself! Sounds easy enough right?

Here are my Top 15 Affirmations for Travellers that I have separated into different categories; Anxiety, Positivity, Health, Relationships and Goals.


Even for people who don’t struggle with anxiety, travelling can be stressful. These affirmations come in handy when your in a situation that makes you feel uneasy and your mind is about to go down a slippery slope of catastrophic thinking. A great way to halt that is by saying these simple statements to lower your heart rate.


You are currently experiencing a life changing opportunity! Just think about what you have achieved already and how many more inspiring moments you are going to have along the way! You are seeing the world in all it’s glory… you have so much to be positive about but its great to have some affirmations to remind you every day.


Carrying heavy backpacks, climbing hills in flip flops and occasional microwave meal may not make you feel so fit and healthy. Saying these statements on a daily basis will keep healthy living in the fore front of your mind. Your less likely to go to MacDonald’s for a cheap lunch or neglect the fruit that’s offered at breakfast if you have said these phrases to yourself.


Solo travellers, you will meet the biggest variety of people on your travels and sometimes they may not seem like ‘your kinds of people’. But, the majority of the time, good can be found in the strangest of places and your kindness will be rewarded with kindness too. What you give out, you bring about. For you couple travellers, it’s always good to have some positive affirmations up your sleeve for when your partner is absolutely driving you insane. Remember, your in it for the long haul.


Many travellers have online businesses to sustain their travel or some may be searching for how to do this. Creating affirmations around your goals will allow you to think creatively, stay focused and reach your individual goals.

Inspired by affirmations? Feel free to save any of these affirmation images to your devices.

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