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Do you care what other people think?

Do you care what other people think?

I have honestly spent my life thinking this way! Unfortunately, when I think about what people think of me I always think quite negatively.

Goofy. Ugly. Skinny. Boring. Serious. Plain… the list could go on

I wasn’t until recently on a Business Branding Training that I realised I have never really asked people what they do think of me. I have been assuming what they think for so many years and haven’t dared get the actual facts.

As humans all we want is to belong! We don’t want to be isolated so we panic that people may think negatively of us. That we might get pushed out of the social circle.

But if we focus too much on what others think, we can start to change who we really are. We may people a merge of everyone we know and lose our unique personalities. This can genuinely affect our functioning as we have too many identities, we just don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Caring what others think in moderation can be helpful. I love to talk, so caring whether the other person thinks I’m talking too much, is helpful!

Would you dare ask your friends and family what they think of you?

describe me in three words

I shared this graphic on my social media platforms! I was pleasantly surprised by the response. Such kind words from friends, family and colleagues.

The people who don’t like us won’t comment and that’s okay. Not everyone will like us. Were not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. We shouldn’t care what they think anyway.

So I suggest re-posting the ‘Describe me in 3 words’ graphic on your social media platforms and look forward to the response.

I made the words into a word cloud on WordItOut and created this…

word it out word cloud

The bigger words are what more people said about me. I suggest looking at those most frequent words and seeing if your happy with them. They will give you a key indication of your Core Values. These are things that you live by and summarise the best version of you!

My Top 5 words are: Kind Caring Thoughtful Beautiful Determined 

If you don’t feel the words summarise you, you can take small steps to change this and show people different sides of you. Personally, I would like people to see me as positive and optimistic so will be working on this! After all, we have so many layers to us, like onions (for those who love Shrek)!

Go the distance for you


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